Campaign Strategy


Targeted Audience + Customized Content + Multiple Channels = Successful Campaigns.

Be it online or offline we make sure that your business is visible across all platforms without complicating your business objectives and day to day activities. We provide campaigns that target your audience in a whole new and unique way separating you from your competitors.

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How we do it

Your Campaigns Your Audience

One person in Tanzania gets bombarded with more than 1000’s of adverts per day, as whatever turn he makes he see’s one. So coming up with a common campaign will do no good as it would not pull his attention.

We need to get in deep and learn all about your customers and how they engage with your business at a personal level, this will help us build campaigns that have the content that meets the expectations and making the audience more receptive to your business and its products and services.

Different Campaign Strategies Same Goals

With the data now collected we can use it effectively to create and come up with innovative and creative ideas that will result in relevant, unique and appealing content for your customers.

We will use different campaigns depending on the goals and current market in order to leverage all channels to get our goals and provide our customers exactly what they want.

This will make sure that we can then change our viewers of our campaigns to results by having a sign up form or registrations to our platforms and making sales.

One Path For Both Online & Offline Campaigns

When running a campaign you must make sure you utilize both online and offline channels equally. As you might consider them as separate entities but your audience will see it as one big part of your brand.

This strategy will also increase your reach to your audience as they would have more than one way to engage with your campaign.

Do remember that when you implement both online and offline channels to your campaign then they should not have a duplicate copy, but they should add a new layer to your overall marketing presence that will lead convert your audience to customers.

Utilizing All Marketing Channels For Your Campaign

Your customers exist in different platforms and you can’t succeed in your campaign by focusing on only one platform, this would mean you will be ignoring your other potential customers.

We will make sure we research and implement the campaign over channels that will most likely attract the most number of customers. By having a reach on more than one marketing channel, you can reach more of our targeted group of audience and have a bigger brand footprint.