Maintenance and Support


Let our team make sure your systems are always online.

In today’s world, you can not afford to have your services offline, let our team make sure that your systems are performing at their best and ensure they are always online.

Three major maintenance and support challenges:

  • Business Continuity
  • Functionality
  • Expertise

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How we do it

Application Maintenance and Active Support

We can help you by helping your customers. The better service they receive from you, the better they will feel about your company and services, thus referring potential clients to you and helping you grow your business.

We can warn your customers if any backup needs to be done, we will also precent hacker attacks and for see other technical issues around your application, thus making sure your application is on air all the time and performing it’s best.

Operating Systems and Server Fuctionality

Some applications and systems don’t perform really well on some operating systems or servers, we will review your application, conduct a compatibility test and help you figure out what operating system will best support your application and what server specification will best suit your application needs.

We can also help you choose what system your application should be developed for by doing a thorough study of your targeted audience and the current trends.

Availability Monitoring and Application Improvements

We make sure that your systems are running and functioning properly so you are able to concentrate on your daily duties and not have to worry about the availability of your application to the public, as we will always be monitoring and reporting to you directly of any change in the system.

We also do know that applications always need to be upgraded to include more features or increase their security modules, we are here to help you with your upgrades and we will make sure to use the latest technology and methodologies to do so.

Bug Tracking and Security Upgrades

Application bugs are the errors, flaws, failures or fault in your application or system that causes it to produce an incorrect, unwanted or unexpected result.

We deploy bug tracking systems that can us detect these defects fast and be able to process them accordingly and lastly report you of the case and its solution.

These systems work 24/7 and will ensure that your system is always online bug free.