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Dar Huduma Hardware


Water is fundamental basic need for sustaining human economic activities. Not only does water support a wide range of activities; it also plays a central symbolic role in rituals throughout the world and also considered a divine gift by many Religions. Providing water in the desired quantity and quality, and at the right time and place, has been a consant endeavor of all civiizations. No other natural resource has had such an overwhelming influence on human history.


  • To provide qualitative and competitive goods and services to the stakeholders in rural water sector within Tanzania and East Africa.
  • To contribute towards a realistic rural development goal by providing affordable and durable solar energy systems.
  • To play an active role in building a sustainable water environment in Tanzania.


  • Benefit our shareholders.
  • Realize the potential of our people.
  • Meet our customer requirements.
  • Safeguard asset integrity.
  • Deliver structural cost reductions.
  • Sustain a robust management system.
  • Deliver continuous sustainable drilling Environmental excellence.