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Nzowah Auto Garage

We provide services and rebuild of wreck cars of all types. Our services are not bounded by brands but we offer services to all kind of cars.

We have branded ourselves in a way that customer will leave our garage with no regrets for services he/she received.


Mobile Garage: This is a moving garage full of all basic service needed by cars. It is responsive to any customer in need anywhere.

Spare Parts: You can rely on us on ranges of spare parts we offer for different types of car models available in a market.

Rebuilding Cars: Turning old cars into new ones, changing bodies of new cars to suit our customer needs.

Buying Cars: We buy cars from different vendors whom they might need to sell their existing stock of cars.

Selling Cars: We sell all types of cars, both used and brand new ones. We have gained trust of reputable organization on cars we sold.

Emergence Services: We offer emergence services to cars from anywhere.


  • We are the expert in car services hence we give you the ultimate advice on how to take care of your car.
  • No car will look the same when brought to our garage. We know how to fix it at affordable price.
  • Our team is purely based on professionalism. Your car is safe with us.


About Project

Nzowah Auto Garage
21 June, 2016