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Even more impressive is the fact that there are around 7 billion devices able to send and receive SMS in the world.

The global messaging infrastructure is by far the most developed in the world. Even more importantly, SMS is proven. Marketers have recognised its potential an long time ago, and no modern bussines can compete effectively without an SMS messaging solution.

Many of the popular online communication services and social networks – such as Skype, or Facebook – have an option to send SMS, and the convenience of banking or parking with only your mobile device can hardly be matched.

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P2A and A2P SMS Trac – Worldwide (In Billion, 2010 – 2017F) Source: Portio Research Ltd


A2P SMS includes every SMS that either originates from, or terminates to, an application.

Both categories of SMS – sent from a subscriber to an application and sent from an application to a subscriber – are counted in A2P SMS traffic.

A2P messaging is currently growing faster than the more standard, P2P messaging. In fact, in a few years from now, P2P revenue will start to slowly decline, while A2P shows no such signs.

By 2015, these two forms of SMS communication will converge on the revenue aspect, and it’s all upwards for A2P from here.

Mobile network operators have already recognised this trend, and have launched important SMS-based services; all of which are using A2P to some extent.

SMS marketing is gaining prominence as well. A large number of companies and franchises see SMS as a powerful and meaningful method of reaching their target groups, and are actively using A2P messaging to promote their products and presence.

Did you know?

Why SMS?

In the recent decades, the global mobile landscape was shaped by technological developments. SMS has been the most prevalent shaper.

SMS messaging is not a new technology. The first text message was sent over 20 years ago, and since then, its worldwide presence has skyrocketed. More than 8 trillion messages were sent in 2013, and the numbers are expected to keep growing in both 2014 and 2015.

But, why is that so? Surely, specialised IM (instant message) apps are cheaper and more flexible. Mobile e-mail has been present for many years as well.

Why, then, is SMS still the biggest messaging medium in the telecommunications industry? Why, with all the technological breakthroughs in the last decade, SMS continues to grow?

The answer is actually really simple. SMS is more than a technology or a tool. It has become a way of thinking, an integral part of our lives. It’s familiar, intimate. It’s completely platform, operator, and handset independent.

Despite its shortcomings, it continues to be most popular because it’s comfortable.


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