User Interface and Experience


Applications/Systems all start with a Wireframe the web’s blueprints.

Be it a Web, Mobile or a whole huge and complicated system or application we design our platforms from the ground-up using wireframes that reflect user personalities and creates a friendly user experience for your customers. With intuitive navigation and relevant content, your application will provide a smooth and seamless journey for your target audience.

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How we do it

Gathering Requirements

For being able to design the best user interface and experience throughout the platform, you will need to understand the purpose and goal of the platform.

We will thoroughly collect all the information regarding the solution you are looking to have developed and through the data we will find out what functionalities and features your platform will have.

This will give us your objective and goals and with that we can develop the solution you want in the best way possible.

User Analysis

Now we need to move from the purpose and goals of the platform to the purpose and goals of the prospective users of the platform. A great solution experience starts with knowing who the users are at a personal level.

At this stage we will collect all the information we can on the prospective users of the solution, information like computer literacy, age, platforms used, personalization interest and many more.

The target audience matters as the design details change according to the knowledge and competency level of the user. If user is technical savvy, advanced and complex user interfaces can be incorporated. For a novice user, more information is included on how-to of software.

All in all we will develop a solution that you and your audience will love to see and use.

Task Analysis

Knowing the objectives and goals for both the solution and users leads you to now focus on the flow of tasks within the solution. At this stage we define the flow of the solution.

Designers have to analyze what task is to be done by the software solution. Here in GUI, it does not matter how it will be done. Tasks can be represented in hierarchical manner taking one major task and dividing it further into smaller sub-tasks. Tasks provide goals for GUI presentation. Flow of information among sub-tasks determines the flow of GUI contents in the software.

This will ensure that the flow of the solution will both reflect the objectives and goals of the solution and the users.

Interface Design and Implementation

This is the stage where the front-end of the solution is developed after having all  the information about requirements, tasks and user environment.

Our designers will work on all the wireframes, that will be moved to photoshoped images that will give you a look and feel of your solution.

Our front-end developers will then work on coding all the designs and wireframes of the solution to a working interface. Our back-end developers kick in next, where they develop all the features as per the interface and make everything work as it has to.

By the end of this stage, you have a functioning, well performing solution that is ready to be used by your users.

Solution Testing

Your solution is on its final stage now, there is a working front-end for your users and the back-end is fully developed for your administration. This is the stage where the testing begins after which if all is approved and finalized the solution can be published and sent out to market.

Every project that we take has two members from our QA (Quality Assessment) Team. This team makes sure that the solution is as per the requirements of the customer and that all the features and functionalities of the solution work perfectly.

Now you have a perfectly working solution that will serve your purpose.