Video Production


Your Product or Service explained within minutes in the most interesting way possible, VIDEOS.

Mobile apps, new social media sites, innovative online services, all need some explanation. The first thing people want to know is how it works, or What does this company do? We believe video is the best way to do that and we also believe explainer videos are the most effective way to get attention and tell a story in a clear and understandable way. It needs to be brief, concise, informative, and interesting to watch.

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How we do it


We ask to learn. We need to know everything about your business, product or service, depending on what video we have to make for you.

We need to discover the essential qualities of your product or service. So we ask you questions like:

  • What is your target market? Why are they interested in your product?
  • What problem does your product or service solve for your target market? How does it make their life better? In short, what are the benefits/selling points of your product or service?
  • How do you stand apart from your competition?

These questions will guide us in understanding the layout and concept of the design.


Now that our questions are answered and we know the essential qualities of the product or service, we will leverage them to come up with the concept of the whole video.

This is our time to develop a concept for your animated web video. The concept might be, for example, simple and straightforward, centered around a theme, or primarily character driven.

We will make sure that you get a concept that will drive your audience to the video and act upon it driving your marketing effort to potential customers.


A script can spoil or make the video very interesting. So you have to make sure your script attracts, interacts and relates to your audience in a way that they feel one with the video.

At this point, we dive into the words of your web video. While this is primarily dialogue, it also includes scene and action descriptions.

Our team will come up with a very good script to ensure that the audience get the interest to watch the video to the end.

The Look

We now have our concept and now with your go-ahead, we start mapping out the scenes in a starboard. These rough sketches allow you to really understand the flow of action and where we’re going with the video. Here, we’ll also present color illustrations to achieve a general “look” for your video.

At this stage you will get to know the whole flow of your video and how it portrays the message.


Step five is where the fun begins. We’ve already created the sounds, look, and direction of your video, so now we get to integrate these separate elements into the whole of animation. If needed, we’ll also add the finishing audio touches such as music and sound effects.

Here is where we will change all the questions, script into Animations, where all our graphic entities will now be animated and then all synced together with sound.

This is the final stage where you will have your final video with the best customized Storyline, Concept and Animations.


Your video is complete!

We can now upload it to your marketing channels as we will provide you the video in different versions (Web, Social and ultra HD).

You can use the different versions for Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Whatsapp and Website.

You can now see your conversion rates rise and surpass your competitors!

Our Explainer Videos

The best way to explain someone of your product or service is to SHOW and not TELL. This way it always works better.

Below are our explainer videos of some of the services we offer.

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