Web Applications


Delivering advanced web applications with perfection.

A Website is Informative; A Web App is Interactive.

  • Highly Customised, functional and highly usable web applications.
  • High productivity and scalability
  • Total Control of the Application
  • Excellent Quality Assessment Tests
  • Launch and Ongoing Support and Maintenance

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How we do it

Phase One: Analysis

As always we start with collecting all the information that we can:

  • Business Needs
  • Application Objectives
  • Application basic requirements

If you already have a project documentation than our team will review it and come up with the best solution focusing on application performance, scalability and extensibility.

Phase Two: Design

At this phase we bring everything to reality by changing your idea, vision, requirements and everything we collected from the Analysis phase and create:

  • Prototypes and
  • Designs

Our team designs the architecture and conceptual model as well as other technical diagrams, such as the database model, class diagrams, and sequence diagrams. We also define business components, UI components, create a UI prototype, and deployment scenario for the application.

Phase Three: Development

Across the whole software development life cycle we make sure to use the best methodologies, technologies and techniques with great communication and use of our project management tools to built your end-to-end web solution.

An essential part of any development life cycle is the Quality Assessment (QA) and Testing. We make sure these procedures are built in and supported by advanced testing techniques to ensure that the application performs at its best at all times.

Phase Four: Deployment

After the application passes through the QA Process, we will deliver the final product to you the client along with the end user documentation, which includes installation instructions and system usage guidelines. Our technical team will also complete internal turnover procedures to store the client’s custom code into our repository and configuration management system, along with detailed documentation for the support team that will train the you on your application.

Phase Five: Maintenance & Support

Our team develops the end user documentation of the whole application that will guide the user on the use of the application and we also offer a more detailed and technical documentation for our support team that will always be there to help you.

We keep your source code secure in our repository and when ever you need it or want to update the application we will refer to it and continue the development.


The Customer Oriented Service.

As you’ve seen, our process includes all the phases that will be needed to develop a quality and well performing web application. If you share our passion for high quality customized web applications. Lets get in touch, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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