About Us

We are here to help you and your business EXPAND. Work with us and see the difference.

Welcome to GetCore Group Ltd.

We are a private company founded in June 2012. It became operational in the early 2013. We have clients all over East Africa and our clientele-base is growing day-by day.

We are the company that helps clients boost their businesses by creating exceptional digital technology.

Our team is an exceptional one with very talented developers who work to bring your ideas into reality; taking in your requirements & engineering ground breaking solutions.

Our Mission

To bring out the perfection in every one of our services with detailed focus on customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

To become one of the most Innovative Software Company. We believe “Hard Work Conquers All” with the use of the best methodology, technology and gradual evolution, we will gain more clients and bring noticeable change to the future.

Our Affiliations


Mehta and Associates.

Mehta and Associates was established in 2013 and is a member of the Tanzania National Board of Accountants and Auditors. The firm is registered in Tanzania under the Auditors and Accountant (Registration) Act, 1972 (as amended in 1995) with registration number PF 271.

We are a professional services firm providing accounting, audit, tax, company secretarial services and recruitment and human resources advisory services to public and private clients. We are bound by our mission and values to provide you a world-class service beyond your expectations.

Easy Track Africa.

We specialize in GPS tracking device for people, GPS car tracker, GPS vehicle tracking, GPS watch tracker, GPS locator, GPS fleet management system, and wireless 3G modem. We mainly deal with MAM (Mobile Asset Management) by offering complete solutions to customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

Apart from MAM Easy Track Solutions also provides other Security facilities, transport and logistics assistance (road side assist and Vehicles Diagnosis for Engine Malfunctions).

Our Values



A successful business can not be built by one person, and so we appreciate the efforts and dedication of the team, clients and partners that are always there with us through thick and thin. We make sure they know that we value their feedback, hard work and dedication to the company.


We do know that every problem arises from bad communication be it within the team, clients or partners. For that reason we foster and ensure open and honest communication. We make sure we understand the needs and requirements of our clients completely before we embark on the development of the solution.


To ensure success in this highly competitive industry we value directness and personal accountability. This will ensure that our team will follow our core values and maintain a high level of ethics towards each other, our clients and partners.


There is always a story behind every service we provide or person/company we engage, and that story is about them getting the best out of whatever they need. We try our level best to develop great products that bring value to our clients and partners and when we can’t help, we make sure we can find an alternative solution for them be it with us or not.


The promises we make to ourselves, clients and partners are more than just words they are our bond and we bind ourselves to them and make sure we fulfill them. We try our level best to be as transparent as we can be and relate to everyone in a way that is authentic and true.


When you are passionate about what you do, then you yourself make sure you do it with perfection. The people that work for us have shown us that they love what they do, why they do it and who they do it for. This ensures us that the team will learn, develop and deploy solutions that our clients will not only love to work with but be happy to work with us or recommend us to the world.


As the company develops so does our processes, methodologies and activities. We make sure we provide our clients with solutions that are as simple as they can get and ensure their needs are fulfilled and even surpassed. We make sure we offer the lowest possible level of complexity for the maximum amount of value.


We believe Transparency is Assurance and Team Work. Through transparency our team knows what it needs to do and makes sure everyone knows their responsibilities and how their part will play out in the whole process of the development of a solution, this helps us increase our communication and quality of work within the team and to our clients and partners.


The people we recruit and work with treat each other as family. We believe when there is trust then there is positive feedback and through it we grow and develop. We can not be perfect but we sure do try our best to be as perfect as can be. With this value in our business, we can ensure trust and loyalty to our clients and partners.

Our Skills

Tech Consulting 96%
Web Design & Development 98%
Software Development 90%
Mobile Application Development 90%
Web Hosting 99%
Content Management Systems 98%
Marketing 92%
Graphic Designing 85%
Creativity 89%